November 16th, 2011

The new, split single from Ste McCabe and Steal Zine is released on Bubblegum Records' For Singles Only imprint. Officially released on Tuesday 1st November, the single is available now. Download Accessorise and Sex Worker's Union, plus cd art work and printable A3 poster for £2. Limited to 100 copies. Download only.
The new, split single from Ste McCabe and Steal Zine is released on Bubblegum Records' For Singles Only imprint. Officially released on Tuesday 1st November, the single is available now. Download Accessorise and Sex Worker's Union, plus cd art work and printable A3 poster for £2. Limited to 100 copies. Download only.
November 3rd, 2011

Ste McCabe is a hero. Check out the video for his latest single!

"Accessorise" is out now, as a split single with Stella Zine’s beautiful protest song "Sex Workers Union", limited to a wee 100 downloads and then gone forever. Oh and it comes with a camp poster full of so many colours your eyes will burst! 

November 9th, 2010

My heart is very full!

Well well Saturday was top fun no? I had such a lovely time, thank you everyone who played, helped & attended.

We made something quite beautiful happen.


I was so excited I forgot to take any pictures! I know some of you did though, so here’s the plan: join flickr, then join the riot grrill group & share your pics:

there’s a facebook page you can share them too if that’s your grrill:

Big love to STELLA ZINE, AMiTY & STE MCCABE as well as all of the wicked open mic-ists.

These people are magic/bionic/robot superheroes:

Danni, Bev, Danger, Els, Emma, Zoe D, Marchee, Julia, Immi, Kate, Staffy, Zo-To, Vanessa, Holly, Adrian, Helen.

You can get involved! Share your riot skills:

We have some super excitant feelings about winter - next up is Robot Unicorn Attax at The Well. Come & celebrate the best sound engineer in the whole universe’s birthday, get drunk. There’ll be a literally unprecedented dj set from some Riot Grrill hooligans.

It’s midweek - weeeeee - it’ll be exactly like being a youngster again! I promise.

Love you xoxo

November 2nd, 2010

D.I.Y November you guys! Are you prepared??


Leeds is a flurry of DIY activity right now, we’re making stuff & doing things & having all sorts of ideas & feelings!

Check out some of the stuff you can do this month:

Thursday 4th November - Cloth Cat Fundraiser at The Cardigan Arms

featuring FANNY DIWANKO,  MonMon & The Rogue Hearts.





Sat 6th November:

LUU Femsoc Zine Making Workshop at The Peanut Gallery

(downstairs in the Leeds University Union)

12 noon - 4pm

£2 suggested donation

facey pagey:


Sat 6th November:

300% RIOT GRRILL at The Chemic

with Stella Zine, Amity, Ste McCabe, open mic for women, vegan curry & more!


Entry - donation



Sat 13th November:

Leeds Zine Fayre & Footprint’s 10th Birthday at Leeds University Union


& after party at the Common Place.


& here:

18th November:

Robot Unicorn Attax at Joseph’s Well


featuring Tiny Tin Lady, Fanny DiWanko & Christella featuring the Caution Girls.

This is for Danni Dan’s birthday y’all!


face up & sing:

Sun 28th November:

An Extraordinary Tea Party at The Common Place

Jumble sale & tea stall & featuring Madam Laycock & Her Dabeno Pleasures, Fanny DiWanko & Love Of The Brave

to raise funds for SARSVL &n Horton Women’s Holiday Centre.



Mon 29th November:

The Outspoken Showcase at Hyde Park Picture House

1pm - 4pm

This is a unique event showcasing the beauty of D-I-Y in action. The jam packed programme is designed to motivate and inspire us to ‘make stuff happen’ in our local communities. With food, sine distro, etc.

Featuring Josie Long

Sky Larkin

Scout Niblett


If I’ve forgotten anything, please let me know!

Of course one of the best things about November is that we all get our snuggly clothes on!



KEEP WARM YOU LOT, hope to see you this week.


October 22nd, 2010
October 15th, 2010

Textual Healing

Yo yo Rioters, it’s time for a huddle.

Here’s the grrill:

You may have noticed that we have Ste McCabe on the Grrill for 6th November.

Ste is touring in early November with 1st generation riot grrrl legend STELLA ZINE from Atlanta. 

We were going to book them for an extra curricular Riot Grrill spin off, but it turned out not to be possible on the dates available. We really wanted to bring them to Leeds & this little brilliant thing we have going on with you all, and decided to mash up the 2 events.

Kind of like MEGA SHARK Vs GIANT OCTOPUS, but with more loving & less biting/tentacles.

Stella has played with the likes of Sleater-Kinney, Tribe 8, Bikini Kill all over the USA & now she’s coming to the Chemic!

We also booked AMiTY from Brighton who blew our minds with her songs & co-ordination!

Ste McCabe’s electro-pop-punk is driven by queer revolution, feminist action and sarcastic bigot-baiting. He’s been described as everything from “authentic and brilliant” (Boy George) and a “queer-feminist-punk-poet for the people” (Time Out)

We were aware that 3 headline sets would eat into open mic wickedness, so we extended the timeframe & decided to cook you all dinner as an extra incentive to spend all night in the pub.

We were also aware that you may have feelings about Ste’s inclusion on the Grrill?

When we were debating all of this at the end of last year, the general consensus was that we should be fluid & look at each case separately, rather than obsessing over strict rule enforcement, while at the same time protecting the space & vibe that we’ve made. Ultimately, we don’t think that Ste playing compromises any of this, just as our openness towards trans male performers hasn’t.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what was going on. Give me a shout if you’re having feelings about this.

I’m quite excited about November you guys, the whole month is going to be awesome. For realsies.

xxxL & the Riot Grrill co conspirators.

October 11th, 2010

Loads of new faces on saturday, awesome

Hey hey, wicked loads of new peeps at Riot Grrill on saturday. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat to y’all, I hope you had a good time & will come back? 


Please consider joining the Facebook group so we can keep you informed about future events - we have such an exciting Autumn/Winter coming up eek!


We depend on the help & goodwill of so many people to make Riot Grrill happen - Danni, Sue, Kate, Danger, Bev et al, not to mention the people who help us spread the word. Everybody gives up their time for free, & 100% of your donations go to the artists, so dig deep if you can?

We are looking for a student/group of students to help us get the word out on campus - just some posters & flyers. Holler if you want to help:

Check out what we’re doing in November:

Nov 6th - STELLA ZINE, Amity, Ste McCabe & vegan curries! Come & have dinner with us, rock out.

Nov 29th - The Outspoken Showcase featuring Josie Long, Scout Niblett, Sky Larkin, vegan food & MORE!


We’re working with Sapphic Traffic & Colouring Outside The Lines zine on this event, oh it’s going to be so rad! Book the day off work/uni if you can!

We are also in the process of deciding which lucky unicorn we’ll be sponsoring to do the Wombeatz Sound Engineering course for women. STAY TUNED!

Keep warm & keep in touch, chickens xxx